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Conference & Event Management

Big "wow!" 
Small footprint

Incredible ideas, 

Sustainable alternatives,

Creativity to burn.

Evolve Events can help you create, design, develop and manage 
all or part of your event – from a small meeting or community
event to a gala dinner or public festival.

We offer a complete event management service, 
creating events with huge "Wow" factor and small footprints.

Our particular specialities are:

Prices vary according to the size and scope of your event, but because being gentle on the earth is often also gentler on the pocket, many of our clients find that our service pays for itself, because their total event costs are reduced.

With our decades of event management experience and extensive network of service providers, we specialise in helping clients who want to host a stunning and memorable event, without costing the earth.

Our services include:

  • Event planning

  • Amazing concepts and creative execution

  • Venue advice and booking

  • Theming and space design

  • Attendee management including registration and ticketing

  • Marketing campaigns
    (including social media, print collateral and advertising)

  • Supplier management
    (including venue, AV, entertainment, food & beverage etc)

  • Speaker / entertainer / MC / activity recommendations

  • Creating delegate packs

Our optional eco-services include:

  • Referring you to eco-suppliers, from venues to caterers to printers and decorators

  • Environmental auditing of event impact

  • Carbon offsetting your event

  • Suggesting program content, speakers, activities, displays and and social events which showcase sustainability

  • Sourcing sustainable supplies and materials

  • Minimising resource and energy use

Why Use An Event Management Service?

There are many advantages of using a professional event management service:

Specialist Event Coordination

Event logistic, administrative and operational requirements are vast, particularly those relating to conferences, and require a very specific skill set supported by appropriate event-specific systems for all aspects of project management.

Evolve offers professional coordination and dedicated event management systems that ensure all objectives are met and nothing is overlooked.

Clients gain access to a team of event professionals with various specialities, as befits the requirements of most events – rather than relying on a single project officer or busy committee.

Remember, that even where you outsource the entire event to Evolve, your organisation retains all decision making and everything is done collaboratively and only with your approval.

In addition to a smooth, professional event which is squarely focused on achieving your objectives, we will bring the “Wow" factor which sets a professional event apart.


Evolve has a comprehensive knowledge of the services available in WA and is able to recommend the most suitable, affordable and reliable suppliers to suit your exact needs.


As WA’s leading sustainable event specialist, Evolve provides everything you would expect from a top quality Event Management service, while minimising your event’s environmental impact.

Time Saving

Many people who organise their own events are alarmed to discover how much time it takes to plan and deliver a high quality event.

Engaging Evolve not only takes this huge task off your hands, but takes advantage of the fact that our experience, industry networks, templates and dedicated event systems mean that we can achieve your outcomes in a fraction of the time it might take for you to do it yourself.

Cost Saving

Clients access supplier networks, recent research and opportunities of scale available to Evolve through our ongoing events work.

Because we get wholesale or industry prices for most things, we can pass those savings on to you. We can also assist with sourcing grants and sponsorship, where appropriate.

By taking advantage of our systems and industry knowledge, many of our services cost far less than clients anticipate. Often our fees are offset by the savings we are able to deliver through our industry knowledge and suggestions.

Specialised event coordination and operational management often pays for itself.

Contact us today to request a free consultation and quote for your event.

Our Clients

We are delighted to be working with a range of clients in the community, government and health sectors on various national and state conferences, such as the:

  • National NDIS Mental Health Conference 2018

  • WA Tenancy Conference 2019

  • WA Rural and Remote Mental Health Conference 2019