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Experiential Simulations
and Role Play Actors

Team Building and Skill Development

Teams are forged 
by shared achievements,
and nothing is more powerful 
than sharing a real life challenge
…and living to tell the tale.


Likewise, not everything can be learned in the classroom! 

Some skills can only be acquired through live experience 
and some talents will only emerge 
when the heat is on!

Evolve Experientials
specialises in real life simulations 
which condense 
game-changing team experiences 
into hilarious one day challenges, 
intensive learning retreats and
applied real-world projects.


All simulations include a comprehensive debrief 
about utilising the skills learned in your workplace.

Role Play Actors

Complementing our simulation events, are Evolve's team of corporate role play actors who are are specially trained to use their characterisation and performance skills in training and education settings, to facilitate learning experiences.

Working with a wide range of professions and courses, our actors can become a client, patient, member of the public or decision maker and test participants' skills by interacting in real-time, job-relevant scenarios.

Using actors helps bridge the divide between the artificial environment of the classroom and the reality of the professional world.

Our actors are proficient in both scripted and improvised work and we can either work with you to develop scripts and scenarios, or simply provide the actors to suit your existing simulation needs.

In addition to simulation-specific services, our actors can be used to add an extra dimension to any of Evolve's training courses and event services, to bring topics to life and make learning more relevant and applicable.

Contact us to learn more.