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Training Topics

Evolve Training courses are divided into two main areas:

  • Professional Development: outlined in our training catalogue available below

  • Wellbeing Academy: outlined in our companion catalogue which will be available shortly

All courses are suitable for beginners unless otherwise stated.


Professional Development Course Topics

Leadership, Organisational Culture and Human Resource Management

Designed for leaders, managers, board members and those with strategic influence, these courses explore big picture issues for organisational direction and managing people.

Topics include Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Coaching Skills and Governance.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Focused, practical courses which build essential skills transferable to a range of industries and spheres of life.

Topics include De-escalating Aggression, Conflict Resolution, Counselling Others and Amazing Customer Care.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

The invaluable life skill of being able to address an audience.


Understanding and working with diverse groups.

Topics explore groups including Millennials, CaLD groups, Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) groups and Older People.

Psychology and Cognitive Skills

The thinking skills which impact everything we do.

Marketing and Promotions

Ideal for small business and not-for-profit organisations, these courses look at budget conscious ways to raise profile and promote messages, products and services.

Event Management

Skills to create successful, well organised events.

Community Sector Skills

Topics of special interest to not-for-profit organisations, charities and community groups including Fundraising, Grant Writing, Attracting Volunteers and Engaging Members.

Civics and Advocacy

World-changing skills related to citizenship, campaigning and getting your message out.

Personal Development and Self-Management Skills
Personal effectiveness and organisation skills.