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Digital Detox Program


Soul Seasons

Before electronic screens and beeping alarms, we recognised that our lives are a bit like the weather. 

We understood that humans have soul-seasons:
the natural cycle of human energy
from quiet reflection to social extravagance,
and from ambitious achievement to blessed stillness.

While broadly themed around the Noongar calendar,
these retreats primarily explore and celebrate
human soul seasons.

Although there are the common factors of digital detoxing,
integrated wellness and gentle education,
each retreat will be different.
So you can choose any one event, or join us for all of them
without redoing workshops or repeating any content.


Use the button above to download the program for our June retreat. Specific programs will be available before each event but  include a deluxe smorgasbord of professionally led wellbeing activities such as:

  • Health and wellness education

  • Nature immersion / forest bathing

  • Heart-opening fireside gatherings with mulled wine, hand-brewed chai, music and storytelling

  • Individual massage treatments

  • Aromatherapy and essential oils

  • Writing for healing + wellbeing

  • Bush sauna experience

  • Make and take workshops
    (eg: cooking, body products, craft)

  • Individual life coaching sessions

  • Aboriginal healing, creativity and connection to Country

  • Story sharing and journey mapping

  • Meditative labyrinth walk

  • Aqua therapy

  • Nature crafts

  • Journaling

  • Resilience skills

  • Inspiration library

  • Connection circles

  • Positive psychology

  • Slow food experiences

  • Music and sound healing

  • Art and creative practice

  • Yoga and healing movement

  • Mindfulness and relaxation

  • Work-life balance activities

  • Personal values and goals

Optional Individual Sessions

In addition to our programmed workshop and activities, participants have the option to book one-on-one sessions of your choice, to complement the scheduled program.

If you choose any of the following sessions, you will be allocated an appointment time during the weekend for a private session with the relevant professional.


Professional Masseur


Participants have the option to book a blissful professional
massage from our qualified, on-site therapist.

Faith Meakins is an experienced professional masseur,
fully qualified in both relaxation and
remedial (deep tissue) massage,
along with pregnancy-safe treatments.

Fully insured, accredited and registered, Faith is available
for private treatments to complement your retreat experience.

$85 one hour / $45 half hour / $25 quarter hour seated.

Life Coach

Cassandra Sturdy is an author and experienced transformational coach.

She helps people to discover and activate their soul's purpose so that they can create a meaningful life doing what they're passionate about and help play their part in the global shift of consciousness.

Those wanting to meet with Cassandra for a private one hour session, can choose from the two services listed below. We will then schedule a time for you to meet with Cassandra during the retreat at no additional charge (ie: included in your registration fee).

Choose from these two options:

Discover Your Soul's Purpose - 60 mins


For people who know they have a higher calling but aren't sure what this is or how to make it happen. In this session, you'll gain insight and clarity into your soul's purpose for this lifetime. You'll start to develop your mission and tune into your vision. You'll learn about your two phases of activation and how you can use your unique gifts to contribute to the world.


Create Your Vision - 60 mins


For people who already know exactly what their Earth mission is and could use some support making it happen. In this session, you'll tune into your highest vision and activate this frequency within. From this place of vibrational resonance, you’ll identify the key things you can do to bring your vision into being and get clear on the specific steps to take next.