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Digital Detox Retreats


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Did you know that the Japanese practise “forest bathing” for wellbeing,
Norway’s largest hospitals include “Outdoor Care Retreats”
and clinicians around the world are prescribing “nature therapy”?

In fact, mounting clinical evidence from around the world is confirming what Indigenous cultures have always known: humans need immersive doses of “vitamin nature” to help us to calm, reconnect and maximise
physical and mental wellbeing.

So, if you sometimes feel like life is just lurching from Manic Monday to Frantic Friday, (or you just want a blissful weekend away) then this gentle, fun and spirit-nourishing retreat is the reward you deserve to refresh, revitalise and renew.



2019 Weekend Dates

(Friday night to Sunday afternoon)

Choose one or attend all three

Makuru 21-23 June:
Restore: rest, reflect, heal

Djilba 13-15 September:
Replenish: plant, plan, begin

Kambarang 25-27 October:
Renew:  connect, nourish, awaken

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Digital Detox is an uplifting weekend of nurturing, inspiration and food for your soul, without the hocus-pocus!

We dare you to discover the difference it can make, taking a weekend out to unplug from the world for two blissful days in nature.

Build personal resilience and rebalance your life as we exchange screens for sunsets, phones for forests, and work for wilderness.

Almost anything can start working again
if you unplug it for a while … including you!

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